The Great Telephone Mix Up

When the village wires get crossed after a storm, there’s a lot of confusion and plenty of missed connections.

Margaret can’t run her summer fair, Jai can’t speak to Aditi, and Will is rather happy because no one can tell his mum how much trouble he’s in! Can the villagers learn to love their neighbours and could the great telephone mix-up really be a blessing in disguise? A charming, funny, family adventure bursting with wonderful characters.

The Great Telephone Mix-Up was inspired by this real-life telephone mix-up: Read more here.

People living in this village really did get their telephone wires mixed-up, just like the people in my book. And just like in my story, they really did all come together to help each other out.

What might happen if you started getting all somebody else’s phone calls? What secrets might you find out?


Sally Nicholls’s easy-to-read tale is a salutary reminder of community spirit and lending a helping hand.

The Express

Nicholls’ The Great Telephone Mix-Up is inspired by a real life mix-up in the village of Cliffords Mesne, and is the perfect tale, perfectly put, for a child who wants to read a book unaided by a parent.

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